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solar panels

Solar Panels

Solar panels for home and business

Solar panels are the building blocks of a photovoltaic system. Comprised of a collection of smaller solar cells, these panels convert natural sunlight into useable electrical energy. They can be used almost anywhere there is an energy requirement.

 If you have been wondering about solar panels, read on to learn more about this sustainable and environmentally friendly way of producing energy.

Do solar panels work?

Solar panels and solar systems certainly do work. They are used around the country and around the world for a variety of applications. They are ideal for use in both residential and commercial environments.

Where can solar panels be installed?

  –    Nearly anywhere with a relatively clear view of the sun

    –  Against walls, over parking lots and on the ground

   –   Freestanding Ground mounts in your backyard or field

   –   On the roof of shed, carport or business

Comprehensive solar energy services

If you’re ready to consider solar energy  for your home or business, contact us to learn more about your options. As a NYSERDA listed installer with NABCEP certification, we have been installing solar systems since 2002.

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